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A. Intro

Click ↑ (esp.)


B. New Believers


About Jesus

New Believer’s Guide

30 Day Guide (by John Beckett)

Look To Jesus

Busca a Jesus (esp.)

Life Application




C. New Seekers

Seeking God


D. General

Good To Watch

Jesus Christ – extra biblical accounts

Friendship with the World

The Prosperity Gospel


Good To Hear

Charles Spurgeon: Heaven and Hell

Jonathan Edwards: The Way of Holiness


Good To Listen

Isa Mesih, Tanri’ nin Oglu

Arabic praise

Here I Am To Worship

Hillsong: With All I Am

Farsi (Persian) Song- (Dariush & Marya)


Good To Read


Pulling Down Strongholds  (doc)

What can we learn from the Angels  (pdf)

Origin of Demons  (doc)

Delivered to Satan 1  (doc)

Delivered to Satan 2  (doc)

Redeeming-the-Rainbow  (pdf)

Make A Fresh Start With God  (pdf)

Our Journey Out of Institutionalism  (pdf)

When You Pray  (pdf)


Good To Visit

1. General

2. Specialized

3. Creation

4. Articles

5. Help with porn addiction

6. Resources

7. Persecution and News

8. History

9. Reference

10. Discernment


The InterDesk page is not for long-time, mature Christians – we think they can easily find their way around and navigate the Net. 
We are also fully aware there are no shortcuts to Christian maturity. But to educate yourself and to educate fast is a must in the times we live in. Therefore, we give you the list of sites we deemed the best for your spiritual growth, once you’re online.
The longest one, as you can see, is the ”Discernment’‘ list of sites, because it’s of crucial importance that you, from the beginning, become aware of many false teachings and snares that are awaiting you out there, even in evangelical circles. We felt obliged to acquaint you with them by giving you as many sources of information as we could. We urge you to be on the watch for those ”birds of prey” in that crowd, in those myriads of teachings and gospels, and carefully choose your spiritual teachers and your new church home or Christian fellowship.
Be free to ask for guidance and help on all of those sites, including us here, so that you can avoid danger and even find a decent, Bible-believing community, with godly people and pastor/teacher. After becoming a Christ follower, the second most important decision in your life may well be picking out the ”right” church and joining that body of believers as your new, spiritual family.
And lastly but most importantly – don’t forget to pray and ask for God’s guidance in the matter.





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